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At High Crimes Mystery Bookstore, we aim to meet a large scope of interests and goals that pertain to mystery novels and crime fiction. We have deep discounts across all of our books, with some being marked as rare items having up to half off their original retail price. This is because we believe in making the cost of mystery books lower so more people can enjoy them, rather than making it hard on readers with high prices.

We have a special interest in the art of capers and plots of heists committed by criminals who are more interested in the thrill of stealing something worth money or simply because they want to show off their skills. We have a large selection of heist books that are about criminals who go behind the law to get what they want.

We have a lot of information online about the mystery genre, specifically on our blog where we review books weekly, monthly, and annually. Our most recent reviews are for books made in 2017.

We also import a lot of goods from the United Kingdom since they are excellent at producing this kind of book. Our primary feature, however, is to assist you select titles that you will like without having to guess whether or not a book is popular. We enjoy having a relationship with our clients so that we can advise them on books that will amuse them.

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